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Network Training Industries hopes to boost employment in the East Midlands. Our expert team works towards training individuals for work in specific industries.


If you are unsure of what career path to take or which career would suit you, get in touch with one of our advisors and see how we could help you.


We aim to offer training in most industries whether you are in work and wanting to reach a new level or if you are unemployed and looking to get your foot in the door.

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You may be searching for your dream career, just trying to get your foot in the door of a career path or out of work and struggling to turn your skills into a job.  Maybe you've achieved all your goals and want go to the next level, if only you knew what that might be? It could be that you are just bored, and wonder how you ended up on your current career path.


If you are wondering where to go next and you don't want the next step to be a complete leap of faith call us. It's easy at the moment to get disheartened because the job market isn't so hot but that makes structured career planning even more important.


Confucius said 'Find a job you enjoy and you'll never work a day in your life'

Our team provides courses so you can gain the skills and qualifications to embark on an exciting and rewarding new career. We have successfully trained over 7,500 people in the last year who wanted to change their lives.

Our dedicated staff will help you:

        Understand the jobs market

        Assess your skills and strengths

        To get recognised qualifications employers look for.

        Through the job search process

        Sell yourself through the application process

        Improve your chance of success at interview

        To keep motivated and build your confidence


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